About Mindset Africa

Mindset Africa is a limited liability Company formed and registered in Kenya in January 2012.

At Mindset Africa, we endeavor to provide customized solutions to problems facing small and medium sized businesses through offering sound advice, business modelling and provision of financing to projects and individuals who meet our criteria.

Our services are currently in Nairobi only.

Our commitment is to challenge the current business paradigm by ensuring that creative and socio-economically viable ideas do not become a cropper due to lack of sound technical and financial support.

At Mindset Africa, we will partner with you upon meeting our financial and technical rigor.

We will set milestones for your business and consequent financing and/or drawdown will be dependent on your achieving of these goals. We have keen interest in people development and will ensure that you have the right people who understand the business processes, objectives and plans and equally have the grit to work towards achieving these.

At times we will seek to have a seat on your board so as to challenge your thinking, slow you down or rush you up when necessary to meet set targets. We will periodically expect to review your management accounts and make recommendations and advice on the way forward - all these aimed at ensuring that you succeed.

Simply put, our business is transforming yours!